UCAPS Citation Payments

If you are unable to access your citation two business days after receiving it, please contact UCAPS at 978-934-2800.

University ID #*:
Last Name:
* Your University ID Number, also referred to as your UMS (UMass System) number for faculty/staff and students, is an 8 digit number that begins with a zero (0), or a 9 digit number that begins with a seven (7) for vendor/visitors. It is not your Employee ID found on your paycheck. This number can be found on the front of your UCard, or can be retrieved by contacting the University Help Desk at 978/934-HELP [4357] (please be prepared to answer security questions). Do not enter "UMS" before your number.

Appeal Information and Guidelines:

  1. Parking ticket appeals MUST be submitted within 21 calendar days of the ticket being issued. No appeal will be accepted after the 21 days, with no exceptions.
  2. Each ticket must be appealed separately.
  3. An appeal must address the violation and be based on a dispute with the validity of the ticket or on extenuating circumstances that necessitated violation of the parking regulations. The following reasons are NOT valid reasons for appealing a ticket:
    • A lost ticket or ticket never received
    • Parking only for a short time
    • Parking in an illegal spot because there were no other spaces available
    • Failure to display a current parking permit/decal/hangtag (even on a new, temporary or loaned vehicle)
    • Having more than one UML parking decal on your vehicle
    • Not seeing the signs
    • Not understanding the regulations
  4. Duplicate/repeat appeals are not accepted.
  5. Decisions of the Parking Appeal Committee are final.
  6. In the case of a denied appeal, you must pay your ticket within 10 days to avoid further sanctions. Sanctions may include the ticket being turned over to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for resolution.

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