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Parking Decal Agreement:

Thank you for visiting the online parking decal ordering system. Before ordering your decal, please be sure you have read all pertinent information regarding parking policies on campus. Once you have done so, please check each box to confirm your understanding and acceptance of policies, then click "Continue" to proceed.

I have read and understand all parking policies [student / faculty/staff] for the 2017-2018 academic year.
I have read the Parking Guide and understand that I am responsible for abiding by all parking regulations on campus.
I have reviewed Parking Locations by my decal type and understand that I may not park in locations not specified for my decal.
I understand that parking violations are subject to ticketing as outlined in the Parking Fine Schedule. Furthermore, I understand that I have the right to Appeal a Citation within 21 days.
I understand that if I am ordering a designated or preferred decal for Cumnock, University Crossing (Salem Lot) or Wannalancit that I must have received a confirmation e-mail stating I am eligible to order that decal. This is not the confirmation e-mail received when submitting the request.